A broken mind

Just before you die, it’s too late to think about what you believe.
It’s too late to think about what could have been or what you should have done.

Regrets are useless and will only drag you deeper down into the murkiness of your own despair.
Upon death, you are locked into the same rigid mindset that you have lived with.
There is no escaping your own mind.
That’s all you are, a mind.
That mind is a summation of all of your fears, your vanity, your insanity and your rare glimpses of positivity.
You cannot escape from this thing that you created.
There is no release from the monster of your self-created negativity.
Upon death you are not suddenly free of all of your negative ways.
There is no magician waiting for you at the magnificent gates to nirvana who suddenly frees you from yourself.
These are mere childish fantasies that you use as a crutch to avoid facing your true situation.
You are your thoughts.
You cannot exist without them because they create your world.
Your world exists because of your thoughts impinging on the quantum world of possibilities to create a reality.
Upon death you are still impinging the same thoughts on the quantum.
The only difference is that your body has momentarily fallen away.
When you die, there will be no rest or safe period.
There will be no emotional reunions with dead relatives or meetings with favourite gods.
That was your ego misleading you.
Instead, it is a very abrupt experience.
Almost instantly, you will be snapped back into a reality that resembles the one you just left.
You will be suddenly born again and it will start all over again, locked into the same old patterns of behaviour and suffering through the same old problems.
You are living groundhog day.
Nothing changes unless your mind changes and a mind ruled by ego never changes for the better.
Upon birth, the era may have changed and the circumstances may vary a little, but basically it is the same thing over and over and over.
When you die, you take your mind with you.
Your reality is your mind.
Your mind creates your worlds.
Change your mind now or be locked into the same old pattern time after time after time.
That’s why children often have amazing talents at an early age, they are simply remembering what they always do, over and over again.
Death is not a sweet surrender or a joyous heavenly reunion with a saintly being wearing a long dress and pointy hat.
It should be a remembering but your rigid thinking won’t allow it to happen.
It should be a remembering that you are an eternal something, living in an infinitely free existence.
If you don’t fix up your broken mind while you are living in a body, you are certainly not going to have a chance to fix it when you die.
This is a strange idea to grasp.
When someone dies, they are most likely a foetus only seconds later.
Most will reject this because it does not fit in with the fairytales that religions, traditions and the media have told them.
Most will find it very offensive because it is too far out and it was not approved by big brother.
Ask your heart about it.
Dwell on it for a while.
Have the courage to occasionally break an old and foolish pattern by playing with a new idea.
You have a broken mind and only your true heart can fix it.
You are facing the wrong way, ask your heart about it.