A cosmic traveller

You don’t really own a body.
The one you are in now is only a temporary situation to allow you to have the full earth-reality experience.

You have forgotten but truly, you are a free thing, an eternal something, an unhindered cosmic traveller.
You stopped off in this reality because it looked interesting and you were told a lot of things that made you want to try the experience.
Unfortunately, you weren’t told a lot of things that would have warned you of the dangers of this world.
You weren’t told that you would forget that you are a free thing, an eternal something, an unhindered cosmic traveller.
You weren’t told that this is a prison planet, a world that changes your thinking from a broad river to a muddy trickle.
You weren’t told that the current rulers feed off the anguish and suffering of its inmates.
You weren’t told that each body comes with an ego which is a fiendishly nasty being that confuses your thoughts and helps you forget your origins.
You don’t really own a body but you are trapped in one.
Death should be a natural breaking point for your earthly experience but your ego cunningly leads you away from your own truth, to take you straight back into a similar situation to the one you just left.
Death should be your wake up and remembering time.
It should be a time of decision, do you want to resume the experience or return to your free way of being?
Your ego does not give you time to remember or for decisions, it hijacks you straight back into the prison.
Very few, if any, have ever escaped this tricky illusion.
The truth has been hidden behind walls of religious mumbo-jumbo and false scientific blathering.
Your mind has been confused with political sleight of hand and corporate trickery.
Your freedom of thought has been replaced by brainwashing and social pressures.
Your memory has been diluted by discouraging the use of the imagination.
Imagination is mocked by a society that only feels safe with the predictable, the tried and proven.
People have been trained to worship the past and to repeat it in every way possible.
The world of entertainment depends heavily upon the sales of old songs, repeated stories and over-used ideas.
The rulers could not control a society that had a vivid imagination and taste for the different and new.
Therefore, conformity is applauded and originality is jealously jeered at.
You are living in a cesspool of stale ideas and bigoted opinions.
Your mind has become a frantic radio station, blasting your peace with fears, doubts, disappointments and dreads.
You can no longer hear your intuition.
Yet your intuition is your only link to your truth, it is the only path you have to remembering what you are.
You are too busy, too lazy, too vain and too self-occupied to trust your intuition any more.
It’s not as if you don’t believe in it.
Every person can tell you stories of something good happening when they listened or something bad happening when they didn’t.
Yet, they will still not give it much credence.
Your intuition is your lost self.
It is the answer to all of your questions and the key to your peace and happiness.
It is your only path home, it is vitally important to you.
Listen to it, for it is the only way that you can cut through all of the pollution and get to the sweet heart of truth.
You are a free thing, an eternal something, an unhindered cosmic traveller.
You are trapped in a hostile world, an artificial reality.
You are an innocent prisoner being fed poison and continually told lies.
If you don’t wake yourself up, nobody can do it for you.
Start right now by sitting somewhere quietly and asking your intuition for some insight into the matter.
Then trust the answers you get, for they may be the first tiny crack in the doorway to freedom.