Dumb if you don’t

As you get older you should grow into your unique weirdness.
You should be allowing your true heart to express its individuality more and more as the years go by.
At heart, you are an eternal strange thing, an odd cosmic being.
The more you trust your intuition, the more you allow this true nature to express.
Society expects old people become to dumb and timid and people assume that’s the way it goes.
That’s completely unnatural and is the result of faulty social conditioning.
As you grow older, you should allow more and more of your honest heart to express.
Instead, most people conform more and more to the rigidity of the mad system that dominates their lives.
Instead of becoming more honest and more interesting, they become more fragile and more deeply trapped in the faulty memories of their past.
Life is an expansive process.
You get born and then you should get going, developing your true heart relationship to such an extent that by the time you are a relic, you are the living voice of your intuition.
Instead, most people start slowing down physically and mentally by their mid 40’s.
This leaves a lot of years to slowly fade and to turn to useless mush.
They become nothing but burdens on their families and upon society in general.
It is totally unnecessary.
Contrary to popular belief, life is not a great mystery or a deeply hidden secret.
The truth is very simple.
You are born to live a rich life through the expansion of your own true heart.
Your true heart is your intuition, your sense of rightness, your gut feeling, your inner voice, your guardian angel, your conscience.
You are an eternal weirdo, packed into a water robot called a body.
You don’t belong there, it is owned by the ego.
The ego is an extension of big brother.
Your body is your space suit, your survival tent, your space vehicle.
You are an alien visiting an alien world.
You have done it countless times before in other worlds, only this time you got trapped.
The system lured you with the promise of cute and beautiful.
It was designed to keep you here.
Your mind has been convinced that you are a body with a brain, a very limited brain.
It also convinced you that everything big brother tells you, is true.
This of course is very stupid.
No matter how ridiculous the story, if it passes down through the mass media, the masses swallow it whole.
You are trapped within a fairy tale.
It is a sad and vicious tale of revenge.
It is a story of suffering and unfairness, a place where brutish behaviour succeeds and the wise and gentle are dismissed as fools.
Integrity is mocked and deceit is rewarded.
You are trapped because you believe in this world and the miserable story of struggle that accompanies it.
Whatever you believe, is true in your world.
Your mind is your power.
You can create or destroy worlds with it.
You are a mind, an eternal consciousness, existing freely within the infinite cosmos.
You are not a body on the only planet in existence, ruled over by a cranky and vengeful god.
You are a free spirit but you surrendered that freedom when you adopted the story spun by the rulers of this world.
Nothing you have been taught is true.
This world is back to front.
What you see is not what you get or what you are.
You get what you believe and you are much more than you remember.
Step off this uncomfortable roundabout run by roughnecks and robbers.
You don’t belong in this cruel and crass carnival of destroyers, despots and dictators.
It’s not as hopeless as it seems.
You don’t have to do anything radical to escape.
You are not being held against your will.
Nobody has you bound in any way except through your own beliefs.
You are bound by the crooked words of liars and narcissists.
You are a prisoner to your own faith in your own ego.
Your ego is your jailer, your faith in it put you in prison.
You only have to turn away from the sham and instead, seek a little silence so that you can hear the song of your true heart once more.
It’s a natural thing to do.
It’s not a drama.
It’s not clever and it doesn’t mean you are spiritual or pious or holy.
It’s simply something that should be common but everybody forgot.
In fact, it’s dumb if you don’t do something about it!