Forgotten things

There are quite a few things that you have forgotten.

If you are interested in doing something about it, you will find that your life will change for the better quite dramatically.
You have forgotten these things:
1. You are an eternal something.
2. You live within the eternal moment. There is no time there is only this one moment and it lasts forever.
3. You cannot die. Your consciousness is eternal.
4. You are currently lost in a loop, a life repeating loop. You are stuck in your mind.
5. Your mind is a rigid construct. You fight any suggestion that life could be any other way than how you perceive it.
6. This world is a prison planet. It has stolen your imagination and replaced it with lies that you accept as facts.
7. Religions are man-made.
8. Your only truth is your own intuition.
9. Your intuition is also your only way out of this mess.
10. Nobody is your master, guru or guide. There are no wise men or spiritual giants. You are a world unto yourself and within, you contain everything that you could ever need.
11. The god you pay lip service to, is the god of negativity and bad luck, it is a product of this world.
12. Your true heart is all-powerful.
13. You are a creator. Your thoughts become your reality.
14. Everything you see before you is yourself. Your world is a reflection of your mind.
15. Change your mind and you change your world.
16. There are no rules but your mind refuses to believe this. Hence your mental prison.
17. Your biggest problem is your refusal to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life.
18. There is nobody else and nothing else responsible for your situation but yourself.
19. Everything you ever desired is already in your own heart, your mind doesn’t want you to believe this because for survival, it needs to keep you locked in your memory.
20. Your ego is a monster that will always mislead you. It is not your friend.
21. Your ego keeps you bound to this planet, this physical reality.
22. You cannot defeat your ego, it is too clever but you can ignore it and turn to your intuition instead.
23. When you die, you are lured back into this world within seconds to start all over again with the same old mindset. Your mindset has locked you into repetitive lives. It’s a nightmare.
24. Everything in this world is a lie.
25. Every story you have been told is back to front.
26. The main difference between you and the dark powers that rule this world, is that they have not forgotten all of these things. So they take advantage of your ignorance to keep you enslaved.
27. Your beliefs are borrowed ideas, they are not yours. From birth, you have been taught ideas that enslave you.
28. This world is not a solid reality. It is a figment of your mentality. It is all in your mind.
29. You can change your whole world by changing your mind, nobody is stopping you.
30. Your life is a journey of only 2 choices: heart or head, intuition or ego, truth or lies, imagination or tradition, courage or cowardice. Over and over all day, the same 2 choices, heart or head.
31. You will not be able to share your truth because the world does not want to know of anything outside of its mental prison.
32. if you want peace, you have to feel peace first. If you want freedom, you have to feel free first. Your heart is everything you could ever want but you must calm your mind first so that you can feel the truth that your intuition offers.
33. It’s all a game, a really tough game but it’s only tough because you don’t understand what you are doing. Once you know, you can be as free as you like.
34. The truth of it all is simple, you are extremely complicated, simplify and you will see more clearly.

Think on these forgotten things and test them in your life.
You deserve much, much better than what you have given yourself to date.
Wake up and create the type of life that you would really love.