Heart over head

How can you safely choose between heart and head?
How do you know the difference?

The heart, intuition, gut feeling, instinct does not justify nor does it make promises or guarantees.
Neither are its decisions considered, politically correct or even polite.
The heart cannot be gauged by the mad measures used by mankind.
The heart is the world for every single form of life.
The heart is an infinite thing, it does not even believe in your world.
It cannot see your world except through your eyes because it only exists in your head.
You are the one who believes in it, that’s why it exists.
If humanity stopped believing in all of the negative things on this planet, they would cease to exist.
Your mind has made this world, not your heart.
Your heart is trying to help you escape the undisciplined mess you have made in your mind.
Your intuition gives you the answers that take you on the most direct and beneficial path to remembering what you are.
It has no barriers, no fears or hesitations.
It delivers its message in a way that you are capable of perfectly understanding at that moment.
Everything it does, nudges you quietly in the one true direction.
Every action you do from the heart, makes your awakening more likely.
It most likely won’t be a sudden, earth-shattering event.
It will not be spiritual or holy or cosmic.
They are only fake promises from the ego.
You will simply become more aware of your true essence.
Decision by decision, your own truth can become clearer.
Head or heart, head or heart, it’s your choice as to which you follow.
Your head uses logic, traditional ideas, cliches and vanity to make its decisions.
Your heart just knows.
You don’t have to cling to the reality of the world as you have been taught.
It’s not necessary to believe its history and traditions.
None of it is true anyway, every fact you think you know has been tampered with, to make it align with the direction that the rulers want to take you.
Even your own history is meaningless.
Your only truth is this moment.
It does not matter what you were or who or what your ancestors were.
It only matters what you are doing right now about opening communication with your infinite essence.
It’s a practical process with no rituals, secret sayings or magic dancing required.
You don’t have to be intelligent, well-read or even sane.
Every living thing in this existence has a true heart and every tiny aspect of this existence is alive.
There are no special circumstances, yoga stances or beseeching prayers necessary.
Nor do you have to be a mad martyr, a saintly singer or a loud leader to access your heart.
All you have to do, is quiet your mind so that you can hear the never-ending song in your heart.
Choose peace and serenity instead of noise and disruption.
Choose silence over noise and honesty over deceit.
Stop deceiving yourself, you are not happy, you are not where you want to be and your personal god does absolutely nothing to help.
It’s time you woke up to the stupidity of your current belief system.
It’s not yours, you borrowed every single bit of it, so you don’t have to be embarrassed by it.
You are the answer you seek.
No one and nothing else can help, it’s all you.
You are a totally self-contained universe without limit, but instead you are acting as if your life is totally out of your control, like an ant on a spinning leaf swirling down a drain.
The path to remembering is clear, uncluttered and without condition.
It’s yours freely at any time you choose.
It doesn’t go away because it is you.
You can’t lose it or miss the opportunity because it is you.
There is no perfect time because it is there all of the time.
This is the same truth for every living thing in existence from the tiniest amoeba to the giant whale.
The path to the heart is open for the choosing.
Choose heart over head.
You will soon start remembering that you are an infinite something, an eternal oddity, a strangely vast intelligence, a cosmic weirdo and a bit of a joker to make it even more interesting.
Heart over head, heart over head it’s the universal key to remembering.