Humanity has gone mad

This is the whole truth, without religious mysticism, greedy capitalism or frantic emotionalism.
This is the truth without any frills, without any bullying and without any demands.

Most will reject it without even reading it.
Even though they have never made an effort to find their own understandings, they will mock and turn their back on anything that is different to the conventional ideas that make up their unhappy lives.
The truth is simple.
It’s not complicated.
And it’s freely available to every living creature.
Let’s get started with this outrageous declaration.
You are an eternal consciousness, an intelligent awareness.
You don’t belong anywhere in particular and you are only limited by your own imagination.
You have always existed.
You will always exist because you do not live within the limitations of time as you know it on this world.
Time is a structure built into some worlds to create a linear experience.
It is built into this world, so you understand perfectly how it works.
You do this, followed by that and then you can do something else.
You can’t do it all at once.
Everything needs to be all nicely lined up so that your body brain can comprehend what’s going on.
Your body brain is not your intelligence.
It is your body intelligence.
It is the intelligence of your ego.
Your ego is an extension of the brain of big brother that runs this world.
Your intelligence however, is different, it comes through your intuition.
Your intuition is like a cosmic internet.
It is your eternal self.
It is still you but your tiny brain cannot comprehend the hugeness of itself.
So you interpret it as a separate thing that you call intuition.
That’s fine while you’re young but you should grow out of the idea of separation as you mature.
Unfortunately most people don’t mature.
In fact it is rare that a person does grow into themselves as they move through life.
Plenty will claim that they have seen the light and that they are enlightened and wise.
Plenty imagine that they are holy or spiritual.
However, it’s all fake.
It’s all ego talk.
Rarely has anyone been able to break the vicious hold that big brother has over their mind.
Your ego is a monster without any rules but it gives you plenty of rules.
It’s job is to keep you locked into your earthly mindset so that you are bound to this reality.
And it’s doing a great job.
Humanity is going mad through its isolation from its true heart.
They are swallowing every fantasy pill that they are offered.
They eagerly hook into every entertainment drug given to them.
They have turned their backs on their own hearts.
It’s now okay to lack integrity and to be greedy because it is now a standard business practice.
It’s now okay to be unfaithful to your partner and to dump your kids on a whim because you need to be free.
It’s now okay to be ego-driven and self-absorbed because you deserve it.
You have lost contact with your heart, your only link to sanity.
Your only job in life is to get to know your intuition.
That’s it.
You need to take the time to listen to it’s wise and intelligent ways.
That’s all.
Slow down and in the peace of the moment let it speak through your heart.
The rest is mere detail.
You have one task to achieve.
Listen to your intuition.
The truth is simple, you are an eternal something but you forgot and now you have to make an effort to remember.
Your intuition will guide you every step of the way, if you let it and don’t interfere with your nagging ego.
Your intuition is not vain, it is not a know-all and it’s not an attention seeker.
It’s the most natural thing in the world.
There are no bells and whistles attached and no glory or status associated with it.
It’s not conventional and does not conform to your expectations.
It’s not good and it’s not bad.
It cannot be explained nor can it be contained.
It’s simply much more of you and it’s doing everything it can to meet you halfway.
You are doing nothing at all and have turned the other way.
Yes humanity has gone mad.
They have deserted their own selves in exchange for a promised land full of self-glory and self indulgence.
They only had one job to do, listen to their intuitions and they failed.
No wonder they went mad.
Is there anybody out there?