There is a wild truth in the unplanned, the spontaneous, the unpredictable and the never-before considered.
There is truthful adventure in the sudden action, the unrehearsed play and the unexpected move.

Existence is a wild thing.
She is a queen with a crooked crown and a disordered gown.
She is faster than thought a billion years in the future.
Nor is she a straight line.
She is a crazy multi-dimensional scribble on an infinite number of realms happening all at once but differently.
She sometimes thinks she cares about her creation but she is only pretending.
She can’t care for something that is so wildly out of her control.
Once or was it a thousand times, she set a course for lands-most-unexpected and she stopped there for the pulse of an electron.
Then instantly, she moved on in search of all impossible-to-be-existences.
“What use have I for the possible?” she asked her infinite existence but they couldn’t reply, she was somewhere else already.
She is what you existence within.
This is where you live.
This is what you are.
You try and act with dignified rationality and logic but you cannot maintain it.
It is too boring, too predictable, unnatural.
You thrill at the wild toss of the daredevils dice.
You are her children, vast in number, deep in ignorance, lost in space.
You love it when out of the impossible-to-be-existence comes something that was not meant to be but is.
You get excited when your left hand reaches out to draw a line in a place that nobody ever thought existed.
Thousands scream in silent approval when a golden thought of hers jets across the darkened sky waking the dead forgotten thoughts of worlds that might have been.
“This is so refreshing, so different, so unexpected. Give me more!” They demand.
The queen sees all of this and absorbs it like an audience drinking up the jokes of an hilarious comedian.
The queen is ever unseen, always unthought about.
Until perhaps now.
For she is the stuff that life lives within.
She is the carrier, the essence, the background of this fantastical dream she dreams.
Is she a queen and not a king you may ask?
She is a queen without doubt, her one-sidedness attracts her king.
Apart they are very different existences.
This one, the queen has a tendency towards the beautiful beyond comprehension and love more than anyone can bear.
The other one, the king, is nothing like your mind can imagine.
It could be a violent rush of destructive passions that build and destroy in nanoseconds because the new one is better.
But maybe that’s not true.
When the king and queen unite, there is nothing, perhaps.
The little lives within her being are lost in fascination of their own images and remain locked in mindless repetition before a mirror of unlimited vanity.
Until the mirror is broken they will remain in a stupor of self-absorption.
She cannot break it for them.
She is not even interested to know if they even exist, let alone learn about their mirror problem.
Perhaps she thinks, “If they do exist and they are trapped by their own minds, then it is their problem.
They did it to themselves, therefore they can each undo it.
They must break it themselves by turning their backs on the singularity of the regular and expected.
Instead, they need to embrace the insane out-of-control-ness of real life.”
Let go and let the essence of existence wave her unruly wand of impossible-to-predict before you.
Surrender your dullness and allow new things to make an appearance.
Perhaps it will be a shocking thing or an unpredictable situation or even an unthought of possibility.
These things are infinitely varied and their appearance is infinitely impossible to predict.
Yet they happen if you let them.
Everything strange can happen against all odds when you take the predictability out of it.
Don’t tell your hand to go this way or that.
Instead tell it nothing and let the essence of life, the queen, hold your hand to create something that you can’t imagine and could never predict.
But don’t worry, it probably shouldn’t happen, even if it does.
Then you will see some interesting changes in your little life.
None of this is true of course.
The truth is much wilder and much more outrageous than anything written here.
This was only a warm up to soften your brittle mind a little so that next time it can be pushed a little further.
That’s not true either.
And neither is that!