One plus one

One plus one only equals two in this limited, bigoted, narrow physical realm.
The truth is stranger than what you have been led to believe.

One plus one is an infinite number.
There are no fixed outcomes, no predetermined paths and no person who has the answers.
All answers are infinite, just like one plus one.
The dice that is thrown by life has an infinite number of sides and it always lands on the one that is impossible.
To life, everything is impossible and ludicrously unlikely.
And it keeps on happening.
Life has no rules, just an urgent need for creative expression.
The universe is a wild thing, an undisciplined energy that does not respect the desires of its life forms.
It is constructive, destructive and driven by the urgency for explosive creativity.
It is an urgent force pushing out for expression against the rigid walls of the already created.
Eventually the established will yield, allowing new expressions their moment of glory, their few seconds of beauteous expression.
Like flowers blooming in a field before a storm.
Shortly they will only be a path of strewn petals, litter from the past.
But then again, maybe the storm won’t come, who knows?
The possibilities are endless.
Like a happy marriage, one plus one is a unique combination of possibilities.
Every couple has their own language, their own dance.
Their expressions are theirs alone, impossible permutations of subtleties and silent demonstrations of love and respect.
No one outside of their odd union can understand their strange formula for success, it is new, never seen before.
One plus one always equals something new, if you allow it to happen.
Life floats upon a roaring wave of constant change.
It is an unstoppable monster of creative renovation.
Even a moment of existence soon becomes ancient to this unyielding, uncaring mammoth wall of massive spontaneity.
Possibilities toss and churn, impatient powers reaching out and yearning for expression.
Like the fingers at the extreme of a lightning bolt.
Wherever the outcome of one plus one is called for, it leaps out like freed electricity, changing everything in its probably impossible path.
Unless it is blocked by the blunt deadwood of stubbornness.
Mankind is stubborn, it rejects change, it resents outside influences.
Mankind is sure that it knows best and that’s why it is so ignorant.
Humanity deplores anything outside of their confined expectations.
This is how they make their personal prisons.
This is how they back themselves into a corner of frustration and hopelessness.
They refuse to allow one plus one to equal anything but two.
That’s quite laughable really.
That’s like someone telling you that they know best about anything because the answer is two and nothing else.
Religions, governments and corporations demand that this is the only outcome every time.
If they didn’t and the people found out that there are an infinite number of answers, then their power would collapse and their vain-glorious structures would puff out of existence.
Everything is fragile, everything is temporary, everything is an illusion and everything is wrong.
Other than that, all is well and one plus one equals whatever you want it to.
If they disagree, walk away and don’t argue, they might be right, just this once.