Something wonderful

Something wonderful should be happening in your life, regularly.
Something wonderful should be a common occurrence in your days.

It’s obviously not.
Your bright future is constantly blocked and deflected by your own mind.
Your brain is overloaded with a massive amount of negativity.
This imposes upon your fantasies and daydreams, turning them into failures and disappointments.
Something wonderful continues not to happen, because something fearful always steps in the way.
Your fears are your downfall.
They override all of your good intentions and all of your honourable aspirations.
Your fears are deeply entrenched within your body and your mind.
They replace your hopes with dread and you hesitate to dream.
You are afraid of failing like you have many times before.
As you get older, you tend to become more cynical as the load of your previous disappointments weighs heavy on your mind.
You can break out of this rigid rut of random failure.
It is possible to live with the expectation of something wonderful and not be disappointed.
You need to get into the habit of asking your heart for help.
Ask it what’s stopping my happiness or my good health or my money flow or whatever it is that you desire.
Instead of trying to force good fortune into being, assume that it is a normal thing to have and ask instead, what’s stopping it!
You are an infinite intelligence, an immortal something.
Of course good fortune should be normal!
You’re not an infinite idiot!
Choose a small desire that you would like to see fulfilled.
Pick something that is no big deal, to experiment with.
Then ask your heart, what’s stopping this happening?
What ever odd shape or colour or impression you get, hold it for a moment.
Then imagine dissolving it into the nothingness of a clear lake or a soft cloud or a blank sheet.
Dissolve the thing that is blocking your happiness.
That’s all, simply remove it from your future by removing it from your mind.
Try it a few times and don’t you listen to your nagging ego and give up.
It truly works but it is up to you to make it a practical part of your life.
Build up your confidence slowly.
When you finally see your wish fulfilled, your ego will probably reason that it would have happened anyway.
Ignore its negative comments and try another then another.
Something wonderful can become a regular part of your life but only if you believe it into reality.
At the moment your reality is full of foolish, close-minded and superstitious ideas.
These express in the chaos of your daily life.
Your mind is imprisoning you!
Your ego is driving you to despair!
It’s time to stop the stupidity.
It’s time to do something to discipline your thoughts and to bring your life onto a happy track so that something wonderful will happen more and more and more often.
Now go and sit somewhere quietly and prepare the way for something wonderful to happen!