Somewhere else

You can be somewhere else but only if you change your mind.
Right now, you are here where your mind is.
That’s how it works.
Since your mind believes in the earth then that’s where you are.
If your mind was free, then you would be free.
If your mind was liberated from the narrow belief system that this world imposes upon you, then you could not be here because you would no longer believe in here.
Wherever you are, that’s what you believe in.
You are always experiencing the results of your own beliefs.
If at this moment you are in misery and discomfort, then you only have your own mind to blame.
If you are at peace and happy, then again, you did it, your thoughts made it so,
You are the creator of your own reality.
Whatever is in your mind, is in your world.
Wherever you are right now, is where your thoughts are right now.
If you want to be somewhere else, then it is up to you to change your thinking so that you can experience somewhere else.
Your thoughts are the blueprint of your reality.
Whatever your mind is full of, your world is full of.
Why are some people always lucky?
Because that’s what they believe.
Why are some always suffering?
Because that’s the way they see life.
You, like everyone else, have one major problem, one issue that you are not willing to face.
You lack a sense of responsibility for your own life.
You imagine it is up to the whim of a cranky god or the government or fate or the stars.
The problem humanity has to overcome before it can move on and out of this prison planet, is lack of responsibility.
The majority are forever armed with thousands of reasons why.
Why they are ill, why they are unlucky, why they are poor.
The only true reason for everything in your life is you.
You can point your blame at any event you like but until you accept responsibility for it yourself, you will continue on your journey down misery road.
You can be somewhere else at any time you choose, if you can take responsibility for your thoughts and change the way you do life.
Your negative and destructive thoughts run deep and it is not a simple task to turn them around.
Yet if you want positive change, they have to go.
The easiest approach is to ask your own intuition for help.
It’s that simple, ask your self to help yourself.
Until you are willing to do that, you will continue on the endless not-so-merry-go-round.
Life is simple.
You are a creator.
Your thoughts are your tools.
The reality before you is the reflection of your thoughts.
You have lazily accepted truckloads of lies and stupidity from repressive governments and corrupted corporations that prefer to see you enslaved.
If you have had enough and think you can handle the responsibility for it yourself, then make regular time to slow down and listen to your own true heart.
Everything you have tried to date has been a failure, why not try something simple and honest for a change and see what happens?
Ask your heart now before you read any further.
Is this good advice?
You need to be somewhere else.
Right here life is difficult and frustrating.
Only your mind can change your situation.
Only your thoughts can put you somewhere else.
You constantly think your reality into existence.
Do something about changing it now so that you can be over there somewhere in a much more pleasant situation.
You are your world, for goodness sake, wake up to your self and do something about it.
Time is running out, the screws are getting tighter.
You no longer belong on this prison planet.
You don’t want to go down with it.
Ask you heart about it.