The cosmic punch

Seek the wild thing, turn away from the mild thing.
You don’t have to settle for sensible and uninteresting.

Your life does not have to be a series of sensible restraints.
The universe is not run by an old cranky pensioner with no imagination.
The universe is cracking a whip across eternity, she is not whispering pretty things.
She is not concerned with your petty worries.
Your feeble prayers are like dribble down the chin.
Tidy yourself up and act with dignity and courage.
Let go and let this cracking whip streak through your life, creating havoc and mayhem.
Then laugh at the random fall of unexpected events.
Stop expecting life to conform to your stupid and programmed expectations.
You have no imagination.
You have no idea of the vastness of opportunities ready to explode at any moment.
You are a programmed clone, a mere statistic in a realm that you don’t belong to.
You place distorted values on meaningless events and things that haphazardly cross your path.
Your values are borrowed, they are what you were taught to place on your world.
They are false, fabricated and intended to keep you in the murky mist of ignorance.
You never win or lose.
You never fail or succeed.
Everything that happens to you is a mere alteration to the fabric of reality that you perceive.
Whether your pen is missing or your house burns down, it is the same, a swirling exchange of energies, a new idea, an untried permutation of life.
It’s not personal.
This world is a limited cartoon, happening within an infinite realm of possibilities bursting to be expressed.
If you win a million dollars, it’s not good news or a great success.
If you lose your life, it’s not bad luck or a pity.
Everything is a happening, an unexpected event.
Everything is an equal event, you add false values and create a distorted perspective.
Life is not predictable if you stop predicting.
Life is an uncontrollable fireworks display, an erupting volcano, a wild tornado.
However your narrow mind tries to control its whimsy and tries to force it to behave.
Humanity wants to bottle life and then let it out as it suits.
Confining life to the realms of careful, defeats your own life by making it boring, predictable and grey.
Most people live their life trying to stop the top blowing from the volcano.
They tippy toe around, seeking insurances, assurances, and guarantees.
They hope they are safe but the universe is infinite.
How could anyone hope to guard themselves against infinite possibilities by buying a policy from a corporation?
Madness and fear prevail in the earthly realm.
You are trying to keep the lid on an explosive mix of wonder, delight and thrilling unexpected happenings.
Let go of your expectations and allow existence to operate freely within your life.
Break the dam wall of fear and let the rivers run free.
Chances are you probably won’t be killed or injured.
At the most your pride might have to take a battering at first.
However, you will soon understand that it was all for your own good.
In a crazy mixed up way of course, because that’s the true nature of life.
Go with the chaotic flow of an unrefined, undefined and unlimited existence.
Let the booming creativity of life burst your safe bubble of pathetic dreams, restrictions and expectations.
Roll with the punches thrown by the wild hand of the universe.
You can’t beat it, so you either move quickly or cop it.