Unwise words

This is not a bible

What is my task in life?
There is only one thing you have to do, listen to your intuition!
That’s it!
The more you listen, the better off you will be.

What is intuition?
It is the eternal more of you that you forgot about.
It is your gut feelings, your cosmic self, your infinite intelligence, your guardian angel, your pet god, your mystical master, your true heart, your eternal consciousness, your inner voice, your conscience, blah blah blah.
It is you.

What is the purpose of life?
To close the gap you created between you and your intuition so that you are united again.
Then you will remember what you truly are.

What is the meaning of life?
To remember what you are.
You are your intuition.
Once you remember you will understand all life.

Is this world real?
It is all in your mind.
Your mind creates the reality that you see before you.
Your mind alone is responsible for your world.
Every beings world is different.

How do I find god?
There is no such thing as a truth that is separate from you.
You have been searching for something that doesn’t exist.
Your own wholeness is what you are looking for.

What is the answer to life?
You are the answer you seek.
Ask your intuition because it alone, is the greater thing that you forgot about.

What’s wrong with my life?
It is ruled by your ego because you continue to ignore your intuition.
You only ever have two choices, heart or head.
Make it a heart choice and your life will change.

What is my ego?
The hand of the heartless power that rules over this world.
It is the intelligence in your body, your human brain.
It is not you but it is always at you.

What’s wrong with this world.
Nothing, except you believed the stories it told you and now you are trapped within your own mind.
Un-believe and you will be free of its constraints.

How do I escape?
Change your mind and you change your world.
Stop accepting the lies that are destroying your freedom.
Only trust your inner voice.

Is there such a thing as evil?
Yes, it is what you are left with when you ignore your true heart, your intuition.
It is everything that counteracts your true heart.
It is your bad luck and your suffering.
It is the immorality and decadence of this world.
It is deceit and selfishness.
It is your ego.

How do I get rich, get lucky, find happiness, find a partner, become healthy?
Change your mind and you change your world.
Your world is totally and completely dependent upon your thoughts.
Your belief in this world runs deep, only your intuition can show you the way out.

What’s a miracle?
Something that happens outside the range of your conscious expectations.
Your life is limited to what you believe in, by what you expect to see.
Sometimes, something new unexpectedly happens.
Even then you find it hard to believe, so you call it a miracle.

What about all the religions?
You are a unique, eternal something, a cosmic strange thing, an eternal weirdo.
There is no other like you.
Every living being is a unique and strange one-off.
There is no type of group or mass thinking suitable for individuality.
Religions are mass mindsets.

When I die will I be born again?
You cannot die.
You are an eternal awareness that lives within the construct of your own beliefs.
When your body dies, you will seamlessly and almost instantly, be back in a situation that is a continuation of your thought process.
It will continue, until you alone break the cycle through listening to your intuition.

What about all of my mistakes?
What you did in the past is not what you remember.
You only recall emotional responses to what you imagine happened.
You didn’t make any mistakes nor did you do anything wonderful.
All you did was experience situations and reacted automatically in ways that were totally dependent upon your state of mind.

Is my intuition holy?
Nothing is holy, pious, spiritual or mystical.
They are words invented by the ego to keep you separated from your own truth.
You are your intuition.
There is nothing grandiose about it.
You don’t even have to be nice to it.

What about the spiritual leaders in the world?
They are all representatives of their egos.
Unique individuals cannot have leaders or guides.
The true individual is a fully self-contained universe and has no need of peers.
Your intuition is your cosmic uniqueness.

When I remember, will it be an amazing experience?
Probably not.
You are currently living in an unnatural situation.
When you remember, it will be no great deal.
It’s ordinary and will take you back to the natural way things should be.

What about all of the sacred texts and words written about truth?
All have been filtered through big brothers dumbing-down machine.
There is no heart left in them.
They have been written by egos to encourage egos.

Will I become a good person?
There is no good nor bad.
Contrasts and comparisons are the result of division.
Your true self is not divided, it is whole.
You will see from a different perspective, a place where judgement is not necessary.

What about these words?
They cannot possibly be right.
They are only one individuals interpretation.
At the most they may act as pointers, saying look at your own heart but that’s about it.

Where can I get more help?
Why ask me?
Ask your own true heart.

What do I do now?
Firstly don’t say “I already knew that”
because your life wouldn’t be like it is,
if you already knew!
Now think about these words for a few days and decide whether or not you are going to act on them or just wander off and continue on your vague search for something that might be satisfying.