Vital essence

A misty damp day, hazy and grey mists cover the land.
The light rain politely finds its way down the stems of the blooming flowers.

Perfect droplets adorn the leaves.
They are like precious jewels sewn with love, on the gown of a favourite princess.
Nature is bathing.
If the grasses could talk they would be shouting for joy.
For them it is more than water from the sky.
To them, the misty rain is a precious nectar from the heart of the unknown gods.
It is a treasured and vital gift from some benevolent force unseen.
This misty moistness is the stuff that life is made of.
It is the essence, the truth and the foundation of all manner of life forms in this world.
Water is the unifying thread that spans and stitches all alive things into a living whole.
It is not obvious, not even remembered, until its presence is lacking.
Then its essence is obvious.
Then it is like a sudden loss of fresh air.
It is prioritised in the mind until its need is sated.
Some things are not appreciated until they are lost.
Don’t compromise your heart.
You are nothing but an empty, vain-glorious ego without it.
Your heart is the rain in your life.
It is your true vital essence.